Four Outstanding Restaurants In North Las Vegas To Choose From

We are back in North Las Vegas, and boy do I have four great restaurant picks for you. Last time, we left off at the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Can you imagine the great places and great eats you are going to discover this time around? We might as well get started because I know you are dying to take a closer look just like I am right now.

First up is Chart House Restaurant, and you can find it on Fremont Street, which is where many of these establishments are located if you have been paying attention. Don’t think all of the top North Las Vegas restaurants are on Fremont Street though. This one is, however, and it is a winner with its lava cake. A reviewer says that this establishment is actually found in a place called The Golden Nugget. Are you familiar with the place?

Next up is Lotus of Siam, and that is a very unique and interesting name. It is on East Sahara Avenue, and the establishment serves up crispy duck, sea bass and all kinds of other great Thai dishes. The reviews say that it’s quite a great place, so since it is ranked as a top North Las Vegas restaurant, you might want to give it a shot if you enjoy Thai cuisine like my sister does.

Also in North Vegas is Pizza Rock on North 3rd Street. The menu highlights mention eating late night. It is always good when you can pick up great food after hours, but of course you kind of expect that out of Las Vegas, don’t you? They say the New York style pizza is very delicious. What toppings do you like best?

On to the 4th North Vegas establishment, Triple George Grill, located on North 3rd Street. Enjoy pot roast, chicken, mashed potatoes, steak and more at this fine establishment. This restaurant and the last one are both nearby the Mob Museum. What attractions are you going to be visiting? If you are in that specific area of North Las Vegas, then you might as well hit up Triple George Grill. You might even want to go with the name and try out three menu items instead of one. No, don’t order three entrees. Go with an appetizer, entree and dessert. That would probably be my 2nd pick out of these four restaurants though, as the pizza place would get my first visit.